Indigenous Education

Camp Jungai offers Indigenous education and cultural sessions created around the National Curriculum.

indigenous education; camp jungai

Camp Jungai is renowned in Victoria for the Indigenous education and connection uniquely offered here.  Our Cultural Officers have been sharing their knowledge, skills and the beauty of their Aboriginal heritage with groups of all ages for over four decades.

Our Indigenous education programs are designed around the National Curriculum and are taught using Indigenous Australian teaching methods. Lessons are created with the vision of immersing students in Indigenous Australian culture through enquiry based learning.

Camp Jungai’s Cultural Officers would be delighted to work with you to develop a session of particular focus for your camp program – the following are sessions that are currently on offer:

This session allows the opportunity to safely have a go throwing a boomerang designed to return when using the proper technique, and to paint the same type of boomerang themselves to take home (this activity incurs an additional cost for the boomerangs).

From boomerangs to throwing spears, men’s and women’s business, participants learn about the tools that indigenous peoples used, where these tools came from and how they were fashioned, as well as having a go at throwing a boomerang.

Explore Camp Jungai and its surrounds with one of our Cultural Officers, learning about various native plants that can be used for food, medicinal and utilitarian purposes.

In small groups, learn Kulin Nation creation stories of local relevance and then act them out, thereby sharing each of the stories through everyone’s performances. Participants can also indigenous music with our plastic didgeridoos and wooden clap stick.


This is a day time session which is tailored to suit your schools current curriculum needs. It allows the students to learn more about Aboriginal Culture; this supports what the student is studying in school and allows an opportunity to gain a greater understanding of one of the world’s oldest cultures.

This is an evening session where cultural offices tell stories and interact with the students to allow them to gain a greater appreciation to the Australian indigenous culture. This also can be tailored to suit the current curriculum needs.